Fostering Parenthood

Help me to help you: Resources for caregivers

September 01, 2022 National Center for Youth Law Season 1 Episode 5
Fostering Parenthood
Help me to help you: Resources for caregivers
Show Notes

Lawyers, advocates, social workers, and more. Becoming a caregiver includes many helpful resources, but what good is a resource if you don't know how to use it? Our guest Theresa Reed, a former foster youth and educator for new foster parents and caregivers, helps explain some of the most helpful resources and how to use them. 

Guest on the show: Theresa Reed, former foster youth, FKCE Program Director, Author of It’s Not Drama, It’s Trauma


It’s Not Drama, It’s Trauma (10:58)

FKCE (11:38)

Family Urgent Response System (FURS): (833) 939-3877 (14:13)

Foster Care Unit in Department of Mental Health in LA County (18:45)

CSECY (29:16)

Planned Parenthood

CASA (33:18)

Simply Friends (36:00)

RFSP liaisons (37:10)

Alliance for Children’s Rights (38:00)

AdvoKids (38:00)

Fostering Unity caregiver care line: (213) 269-0000 (40:00)

Calls To Action:

Write resources down and keep them accessible (39:20)

Call 988 (mental health emergy support)

Ask questions before accepting a placement (43:24)

Empathy (45:00) - empathy video from Brené Brown

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