Fostering Parenthood

"Remember, you were a teenager once" How to support pregnant and parenting youth

May 22, 2023 National Center for Youth Law Season 2 Episode 4
Fostering Parenthood
"Remember, you were a teenager once" How to support pregnant and parenting youth
Show Notes

In this episode we will explore the experiences of youth in care who faced the challenges of homelessness and teen pregnancy, and discover new ways of support.

Maria will join us to share her story of both struggles and victories. Her journey will shed light on what it truly means to provide care for a pregnant youth in need. As we listen to Maria, we'll gain insights into what she needed from caregivers and how they can offer the best support possible.

Join us for an episode that celebrates the power of love and compassion in caregiving. Together, let's learn how to create a safe and nurturing environment for those who need it most.

Guests on the show:

Maria: Mom, former homeless foster youth


Zero to Three Resources for families - learn about milestones and trauma in babies and young children with tools to support optimal development

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network - what trauma looks like in children, families, and tools to help

Head Start- has a program for pregnant women and early childhood education 

St. Anne's - offers transitional housing program

Calls To Action: (47:00)

Remember you were a teenager once (47:00)

Saying no isn't always the safest option (47:19)

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